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Free Lawn Analysis

Time to get your lawn inspected by a trained Lawnpro consultant today – a sure way to get your lawn in tip-top shape

Your Lawnpro consultant will undertake a complete analysis on your lawn and by doing this he will be able to make recommendations on weed control, insect control, fertilization and fertilizer types, composting for flower beds, lawn dressing, mowing irrigation as well as improving your grass colour.


Have look at the video below to see what is covered during a Lawnpro lawn analysis:

A trained Lawnpro consultant will look at the following important aspects when he does his FREE NO OBLIGATION LAWN ANALYSIS and INSPECTION:

  • Grass type in your garden
  • Soil type
  • Weeds and weed control
  • Insects and insect control
  • Thatch build up (Dead organic layer in the lawn)
  • Diseases and best methods to address them
  • Lawn density and coverage
  • Grass color
  • Mowing and irrigation methods
  • Sun and shade issues
  • Composting and lawn dressing

Once this analysis is completed, your Lawnpro lawn specialist will be able to prescribe a maintenance plan for you to assist you with weed problems and control, insect damage and insect control, fertilizers to suite each season, fertilization programs, compost for flower beds, improving grass colour, prescribing mowing and irrigation or watering methods, lawn dressing to level out any uneven bumps, as well as a whole host of other lawn and garden related issues that you may have.

Weed Treatment on Lawns

Weed control on lawns and paved areas – Lawnpro has the answer !!!

Selective weed killer for lawns or non-selective weed killer for paved areas…Lawnpro does it all, safely, effectively and easily. Lawnpro will assist you in controlling broad leaf weeds, weeds on paved areas and in your drive way using the best weed killer combinations does not matter if it is summer or even if you have winter growing weeds.


Have a look at the video below to see how Lawnpro identifies weeds in order to prescribe the best weed management program:

Weeds are the unwanted or undesirable wild plants that grow in your lawn. Weeds may spoil the beauty of your lawn as their contrasting colours and textures differ from the grass plants very much.

In addition, they take away the available water and nutrients from the soil thus affecting the growth of other grass plants. Therefore, it is necessary to control the growth of weeds in lawn.

Only the best broad leaf weed killers on this planet are used by Lawnpro.

A broadleaf killer means it is a selective weed killer for lawns specifically. This means that the herbicide will only kill the weeds and not the lawn.

It will only kill weeds not grass as opposed to a weed killer for grass and weeds, which is referred to as a non selective weed killer.

Lawn weeds can be controlled, effectively – easily by Lawnpro, will never have to pull a weed out of your lawn again.

As you would have noted on our video above, once you have identified the correct type of weed it becomes easier to control lawn weeds. One of the best and easiest ways to control lawn weeds is proper maintenance and good cultural practices. Maintaining a dense and vigorously growing grass cover is an effective way of controlling lawn weeds. That is why it is so important to have a lawn maintenance program in place.

Problem weeds like sorrel, wonder lawn, nutsedge and Poa Annua are best controlled by specialists. If any of these problems occur on your lawn, kindly contact us for a free analysis so that the problem can be identified and treated properly before your whole lawn is destroyed.

A golden rule to remember is that summer growing weeds are best controlled during summer and winter growing weeds during winter. The better they grow the easier it is to implement a weed control program.

Pest Control on Lawns

Do not let lawn insects and lawn diseases get you down… Lawnpro has all the knowledge, products and equipment to assist you with all your Pest control problems.

Our trained professionals will be able to identify and address in order to assist them in helping you to beat the war against pests on your lawn, ensuring the survival of the lawn and giving you peace of mind.



Lawn insects are controlled on a regular basis with Lawnpro’s comprehensive lawn treatment program.

Have a look at the video below to find out what insects cause the most damage to your lawn and how Lawnpro will be able to assist you:

Insects that Lawnpro deals with on a regular basis include:

  • Mole crickets,
  • Harvester termites and other termites
  • Caterpillars and worms,
  • Beetles and their Larvae,
  • Common garden crickets
  • Ants
  • Snails and slugs

If you have an infestation of insects, treating you lawn might be the only option. Let Lawnpro do this for you, safely and effectively.


The most devastating thing that can happen to a lawn is when a lawn disease strikes. Some may believe that by treating a lawn with fertilizer will help the lawn to combat the disease on its own, when in most cases this will most likely make the disease worse.

There are too many disease out there that can completely ruin your garden within a couple of days, so action must be taken sooner than later. The earlier the problem is identified, the easier it will be to prevent further damage.

When you see unsightly sports or brown patches on your lawn, it is advisable to immediately contact someone the specializes in pest control on lawns, and that will definitely be Lawnpro.

For more information on any of the lawn diseases below, please contact Lawnpro today

  • Brown Patch
  • Pythium Blight
  • Anthracnose
  • Dollar Spot
  • Cool Season rust
  • Fairy Ring
  • Root rot
  • Mildew

Lawn and Garden Fertilizer

Lawnpro now have this wonderful prescription product on the market that not only gets you a green lawn in days but that also keeps a lawn green and healthy throughout the year. The fertilizers used by Lawnpro were developed over 26 years. It is a prescription fertilizer mix, not available to the general public.

Lawnpro has now made this wonderful prescription product to its customers, that not only gets you a green lawn in days but that also keeps a lawn green and healthy throughout the year.


Lawnpro’s unique Lawn Fertilizer

Lawnpro have been developing fertilizer prescription mixes since 1992.

All blends formulated by Lawnpro are season specific, meaning that they are blended to suite each season.

Have a look at this extremely informative video about Lawnpro’s unique fertilizer program:

Keep in mind

  • All plants benefit from basic macro- and micro-nutrients. Grass, in particular, needs extra macro-nutrients which can come from air and water but which are used in such quantity that supplemental applications are beneficial.
  • These main nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and are symbolized on grass foods as N-P-K.
  • Lawnpro will adjust these nutrient formulations to suite each season for you. No need for any math!!!
  • Lawnpro uses time-release fertilizers which are beneficial at feeding the lawn over many months and prevent the gardener from having to remember to feed again in 3 months’ time.
  • The Lawnpro unique lawn booster assists the lawn in the uptake of the fertilizers. Now you will be able to get a lot more and much better results than what you would if you had to do the fertilizer application yourself, using conventional fertilizers from your nursery.
  • Lawnpro’s fertilizer program will keep your lawn green and healthy.

Lawnpro, No Mess No Fuss Fertilizer for Lawns.

A healthy, green lawn is a joy to sink bare feet into and complements the landscape. The best fertilizer for grass will promote healthy turf and minimize weed and pest issues with a thick mat that resists these problems. There are many types of lawn fertilizer on the market or you can use home-grown methods to enhance the vigor of your grass. Choosing the right food for lawns begins with understanding grass fertilizer numbers and knowing your soil and sod type.

The Lawnpro Secrets

There is a reason why Lawnpro lawns are beautiful healthy and green all year round. Now Lawnpro will share our specially formulated secrets with their loyal customers.

The Lawnpro lawn care service includes a whole host of products, none of them more important than the Lawnpro Lawn Boost, the secret that Lawnpro has in their armory the only Lawnpro customer has access to.


So what is the secret?

Lawnpro introduces lawn maintenance products and offerings that are not available anywhere in the world.

As part of the first step in our seasonal maintenance plan, Lawnpro will introduce a couple of products to ensure we get the maxmum potential out of your garden: These products include:

  • Season specific liquid lawn fertilizers
  • Introduction live bio green micro organisms
  • Seasonal soil conditioners
  • Chemical buffers
  • Instant green sulphates for quick greening
  • Lawnpro Greenup Lawn Boost

These products play an extremely important role in the results that Lawnpro has been achieving over the past 26 years. The products listed above assist the lawn in reaching its maximum potential, by increasing the amount of fertilizer that is usable by the lawn.

This very important part of your lawn care program, only makes up a fraction of all the other services Lawnpro can offer.

On top of that, Lawnpro will also give you some essential lawn care tips and also give you some sound advice on mowing, irrigation and general lawn care.

It is very important to understand how the Lawnpro maintenance program works.

Take some time to view the video below. It will explain to you in detail what the entire Lawnpro seasonal program entails, and how the Lawnpro secret works:

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Lawnpro means keeping lawns green, healthy and beautiful. Lawnpro also offers other services that you will find can benefit not only your lawn but your entire garden.